Tuesday 2 October 2007

Moving Blog

Right !! Decided would be easier to control content and design on my own site, so I have moved the blog to http://www.kevfoley.com you will have to barewith me for a few days while i learn it and get the new format setup!


Nicaragua - Managua

I write this on my last night in Managua from the house of Salvador. I have spent the last few days since leaving Leon here with another of the HMD’s, which really was a fun experience. Nicaragua is really cheap compared to some of the other countries around here. Dinner can be had for as little as 2 euro a head. We ate at Sals grandmother for lunch most days and really got a flavour for some of the local food. There was a different fresh juice drink for each day, each of them I had never heard of before.
Payed a visit to the highest point in the area where you have a panoramic view of all Managua stretching out to the lake. There is a Cut out statue of Sandino here and the remains of tank that was gifted to the dictator Somoza Gacia by Musolini of Italy.
On Saturday we drove across to Matagalpa for the biggest party in the area, where we met up with some friends and danced the night away. Brought the camera out and you can see some of the pictures over on the right. The videos you will never see! I actually met another red head at the party. She was Nica but her Grandmother had come from Ireland and hence the hair!
We left here on the Sunday morning and drove up around the Selva Negra and did some of the dirt roads before heading back to Managua. Now I have to pack up the bike again and get ready to head to Costa Rica, but first an overnight stop at the beach in San Juan del Sur, for an early border crossing and avoiding the long queues of tour busses!

Monday 1 October 2007


The BMW has now crossed over 12,500 miles and is going great. This trip from Ireland to Argentina has almost reached the end of Central America, and shortly the R1200GS will be in for its next service in Panama.
After spending the last four months sitting on it everyday it is starting to feel like an extended part of me. I think in am in love! The bike is probably a little heavy but it handles great, and I think i have started to master fast curves.
Driving over here has really forced me to alter my driving style. You really must be much more defensive, and not put yourself in a position where you are vulnerable. The next corner could bring two busses coming towards you, or just a seriously huge hole in the road waiting to swallow you up!
Message is stay awake!!!