Wednesday 26 September 2007

El Salvador

I spent a lot of time trying to decide which route to take into El Salvador. At first I considered hitting Tikal and coming in through Copan to Honduras and then El Salvador, but to be honest I was in no mood to go looking at more pyramids in the Jungle. So instead while having a nice breakfast of huevos y frijoles I opted for the coastal route.
It really is amazing with some stunning views of the Pacific crashing wildly onto jagged rocks. Actually it reminded me of a tropical Killiney on a grand scale with no houses (if such a thing exists). After exploring the coast and consulting the Rough Guide to Central America (thanks Brennan) I opted to spend the night in La Libertad. After a brief chat with the lovely girl in the tourist office I found some cheap lodgings for 12USD for the night, and immediately made my way to the restaurant. Food was good, and with the most expensive item on the menu being 4.25 I was in heaven. Even had desperados with Antonio Banderas on TV (in Spanish of course).
I planned on taking some surf lessons here, but the waves were huge and there was nobody in the water. After speaking with some surfers it was decided that the current and waves were in for the week, so no lessons, pity. I will certainly have to come back here, maybe to Flores over near the eastern side.
By chance I ran into Niall from Portmarnock in Dublin. He was back packing around and of course when two Irish guys get together you must have a drink. ! But after a nice evening it was time to hit the road to Nicaragua.

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