Saturday 22 September 2007


Finally i decided to leave Mexico. Boy it was a hard decision. Originally planned to stay here only a few weeks, but ended up more than a month and a half. San Cristobal, my final stop in Mexico was awesome. Stayed at La Grigua guesthouse with my lovely Italian hosts. By pure chance one of my friends from Vallarta had an interview for her Masters in the University at the same time. So I met up with Carolina and spent some time checking out this great little town.
Today i left at 6.30 am to get to the border early when they were opening. Crossing was no problem, simple affair, handed in my Mexican permit, and drove across no mans land to Guatemala and got the new one. The only incident was when I went to put the bike side stand down in some gravel, and it disappeared, and of course there would have to be loads of people watching when the bike fell over.
The Pan American to Antigua is mad, there were a lot of landslides from the recent hurricanes which were still being cleaned up, along with road works. All the cars get stopped, but in true Guatemala style a bike gets waved on.. so here i was dodging huge earth movers and trucks weaving through the work in progress.! it was fun. No to check out the city and get some food.


Kate said...

Happy to hear that you had a good time at La Grigua as both Paolo and Lalla are very good friends of mine and it's great to know that they and their guests are happy.
Bestest of wishes for the rest of your trip, Guatemala is the most beautiful wilderness I have ever known and I ache to return one day. So make sure you live the moment for me too and should you make it to the mountainous Ixil Triangle (way passed Chichi) send all my love to breathtaking Nebaj and should you find him a Belgium guy called Pascal (with whom we spent 5 yrs together in Nebaj!!) Hoads of joy for your trip.. makes me quite envious.. so enjoy every moment. My name's Kate and when I can I will be following your adventures

kevin Foley said...

Thanks! Yeah, Paolo and Lalla were great! think Paolo misses his Ducati though!